GK DIY 0s & Xs Kits

GK DIY 0s & Xs Kit


Follow the GK process to create a unique game that can be enjoyed for years to come. Our kits are perfect for family time and traditional fun. Orders yours today!

$25 +P&P

New BRANDED IMAGES coming soon!

Your kit includes:

  • 1 drawstring hessian bag with fabric pen 0s & Xs lines, 28cm x 29cm.

  • 9 plywood discs, approximately 80cm in diameter. (Plywood sizes and colours may vary across kits; each kit will have a consistent size and colour).

  • 1 wooden handle paint brush.

  • 1 water-based enamel paint pot strip with 6 colours (yellow, red, white, green, blue and black).

  • 1 piece of sandpaper.

  • I instruction sheet containing ideas and helpful information.

Technique ideas

  • Hand painting – Decide on an image, draw with a pencil first and then freehand paint.

  • Printing – try to create prints using leaves, fruit/vegetables or other found materials. You could even try making your own printing block carving from potatoes or using card and string with glue.

  • Tracing/etching – select a simple image with clear lines, print this onto paper, place it over your discs, firmly trace the lines with a pencil, then paint.

  • Stencil - cut a simple stencil image out of cardboard, place it over a wooden circle and sponge on paint.

  • Be creative and make up your own technique… If you have a new method that worked please share this with us. gkeventshire@gmail.com

DIY examples to inspire

We love to receive images of our customer’s creative work. Remember to email a photo of your completed game. gkeventshire@gmail.com

GK example - Apple print blocks with felt features

GK example - Apple print blocks with felt features

The NZ Cider Festival 2018

The NZ Cider Festival 2018

GK example - Painted Dinosaur vs Butterfly

GK example - Painted Dinosaur vs Butterfly