GK Events Hire Nelson New Zealand giant handcrafted games & eclectic vintage rustic styling items, half barrels, ladder golf, cable reels, vintage chairs


a.    Quotes are valid for 10 days from date of issue.

b.    After this date GK Events Hire Ltd has the right to hire items not secured with a bond to other interested parties and is not required to inform customers that items are no longer available due to rehire/missed deposits.

c.    It is solely the customer’s responsibility to pay the deposit on time.

2.      Hire Prices:

a.    GK Events Hire Ltd sets their own prices for all services and reserves the right to change hire prices on any item at their discretion. Bookings that have not been secured with a bond and the 10 day hold period has lapsed may be affected by price changes. If a deposit has been made GK will honour the quoted prices.

b.    GK Events Hire Ltd is not responsible for increases in the cost of products from Gelato Roma. If Gelato Roma’s prices increase at any time once a booking has been secured with a deposit until the event date, this will be passed directly onto the customer with an updated invoice.

c.    GK Events Hire and Gelato Roma will determine the cost of Special or Signature Flavour requests after a consultations with the customer at Gelato Roma’s premises. These flavours require a minimum order to be confirmed when booking.

d.    The final price for all items related to the Icicle Tricycle, including Gelato Roma products, is set by GK Events Hire. Bookings and payments for all components will be made through GK Events Hire in a normal booking invoice.

3.      Payments:

a.    All invoices are GST inclusive.

b.    A deposit of up to 50% is charged to secure your booking, with the balance required in full 7 days before items are to be hired.

c.    Items will not be supplied without full payment. Payment is to be made through bank transfer.

d.    Our account number will be issued upon the request of an itemised invoice.

e.    Preferably a New Zealand account should be provided for bond and general refunds. GK is not responsible for transaction fees occurring from payments made to or from foreign accounts.

f.     Invoices containing the Icicle Tricycle or custom painting/chalkboards must be paid in full no later than 14 days before delivery/pick up. For Special or Signature Flavours, bookings and full payments will need to be made up to 6 weeks in advance by negotiation with GK Events Hire and Gelato Roma. If this time frame is missed customers may need to change their orders to the basic 14 days in advance payment terms requirement for Classic Flavours and full payment dates.

g.    Gelato will not be ordered or painting/signs started until full payment has been made and therefore may not be ready in time. GK is not responsible for any gelatos/sorbets or signage that is not completed due to late payments and no refund will be given for any item not ready on time due to this.

4.      Bond:

a.    A fully refundable bond will be charged in addition to each hire.

b.    The bond will be refunded upon the safe return of all goods, in the condition in which they were hired, (general wear and tear is considered and does not incur a fee), within 7 days of a hire unless in exceptional circumstances discussed with the customer, including waiting for the correct details to be supplied by the customer.

c.    Bond amounts depend upon the items being hired (with a minimum of $50) and are calculated at GK’s discretion.

d.    Bond refunds are calculated based on replacement, cleaning and repairs required after an event, with an additional invoice being sent if the bond does not cover the cost of repairs. (Refer to point 9d in Specific Care Requirements)

e.    Bonds must be paid 7 days before the hire date along with the remaining hire fee. Items will not be supplied without full payment of the bond.

f.     Items being picked up may incur a higher bond due to the possibility of damage occurring during transportation and through poorly secured items on trailers.

5.      Cancellations:

a.    Cancellation must be made in writing. Cancellations will be refunded as follows; 60 or more days before the event - 100% of the deposit, 8-59 days before event - 50% of deposit, 7 or less days before the event the full payment should have been made, a refund will be given at 25% of the full payment (meaning deposit is retained in this sum).

b.    For booking which include the Icicle Tricycle or custom painting/chalkboards cancellations will be refunded at 15-59 days before event – 50% of deposit, 14 or less days before the event 25% of full payment excluding the cost of Gelato Roma products and sign writing, which will receive a 0% refund of full payment as these products have been custom made for events.

c.    Customers will be permitted to collect their ordered gelato/sorbet or custom signage if writing is not on hired boards.

d.    In exceptional circumstances refunds for cancelled bookings 7 or less days before an event (or 14 or less days) may be provided at a different rate, determined at GK Events Hire’s discretion.

e.    Poor weather resulting in a cancelled or postponed event has no impact on the cancellation policy as GK is not in control of the weather. We will attempt to move the hire date if requested but items unavailable due to date changes will still be charged at the stated rate, and deemed to be a cancellation.

6.      Hire Periods:

a.    The normal hire period is 3 days unless a longer period is prearranged with GK Events Hire Ltd.

b.    Items are available one or two days prior to the event by arrangement. They must be dropped off or collected within two days following the event by arrangement.

c.    If items are not returned by the arranged date another full rehire of 3 days will be charged.

d.    The Icicle Tricycle is hired for the period of agreed time as noted in booking invoice.

7.      ‘Vintage Condition’:

a.    Please note a large number of our items are in vintage/rustic condition and although all are of good quality and safe, marks and wear is present, which we believe adds to their character and is not considered a fault.

b.    GK Events Hire Ltd must be informed of any concerns in regards to quality on delivery/pick up, before items are used. Complaints made after the items have been returned or collected will not be considered.

8.      Icicle Tricycle: (Further references made to the Icicle Tricycle throughout these Ts & Cs)

a.    Final Classic Flavour decisions must be provided along with full payment for a full booking which includes the Icicle Tricycle no less than 14 days before the event, allowing for time to make and collect gelatos/sorbets from Gelato Roma. Special and Signature Flavours must be discussed and confirmed well before this time (as much as 6 weeks prior to the event) to allow Gelato Roma time to complete the order within their schedule. If payments are late there is no guarantee that gelatos/sorbets can be made in time and we may not be able to provide this service. GK is in no way responsible for gelato not being ready for an event due to late payment. In this case GK Events Hire reserves the right to retain the 50% deposit for the tricycles hire.

b.    Venues must have suitable easy access for both the GK van and Icicle Tricycle. Evening bookings must provide a power source reachable by an extension cord supplied by GK.

c.    The Icicle Tricycle is not to be ridden at any time while on hire, unless it is acting as a prop and permission has been sought from GK Events Hire prior to this.

d.    Any gelatos or sorbets not consumed at the event are owned by the customer and by prior arrangement will either be left with a representative or collected from GK’s premise.

e.    Individual pre-packaged ice creams must be supplied to the GK Events Hire premises no less than 3 days before the event by arrangement. These items will be stored in freezers on our premises and in the tricycle at tested temperatures to maintain the quality of products, however we take no responsibility for items arriving to us at the correct temperature and therefore their resulting condition on consumption.

f.     GK will collect from Gelato Roma, transport and store products at the correct temperature, and take full responsibility for the quality at service.

g.    A representative must meet GK on site before or at the event to guide us to the desired easily accessible location.

h.    Customised cup requirements and logo of adequate quality for bike branding must be supplied no less than14 days before the event when full payment is made.

i.     Branding – Logo vinyl decals will not be cut until full payment has been made and a suitable file has been provided no less than 14 days before the event. If payments are late there is no guarantee that the decal can be cut in time and this service may not be possible to provide. If late payment leaves no time to cut the decal then GK is in no way responsible for this not being ready for the event. In this case 50% of the fee for branding the tricycle will be retained however the tricycle will still be supplied to the event showing the Icicle Tricycle side of the bike.

j.     The hire of all items related to the Icicle Tricycle, including Gelato Roma products, is under contract between the customer and GK Events Hire solely.

k.    Icicle Tricycle cancellations follow the normal Terms and Conditions outlined in Point 5 b/c.

9.      Specific Care Requirements:

a.    All items must be collected or returned in the condition hired with all components, including packaging. Please let us know if there is any damage or missing items. All loss, breakages or damaged items (including packaging) will be charged at replacement cost at current retail value or the cost to fix/remake the item. The decision to replace or fix items lies entirely with GK Events Hire Ltd. This will be given in a separate bill or taken from the bond. Any cleaning required to return items to the condition they were hired in will be charged as labour at our stated rate ($50 +GST p/h, minimum .5 hours). Please ask if you need further clarification prior to hiring.

b.    It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the correct use, transportation and storage of equipment during the hire period, even if a representative is acting on behalf of the customer.

c.    Some hire items have been identified as delivery and collection only to ensure they are not damaged during transportation. GK Events Hire must notify customers of this decision at the time bookings are made. During pick ups if GK Events Hire Ltd do not believe the provided transportation, tie downs or equipment to protect hire items is adequate, we reserve the right to turn away customers until suitable options are presented.

d.    All items are to be protected from the weather (particularly rain and wind damage) during transportation, when in storage and during use. Any water damage will incur charges for repair or possibly replacement based on severity. GK Events Hire is responsible for determining the severity of damage and will charge accordingly for repairs or replacement with whoever we deem best suited to complete the required work. Tables, chairs, plywood items and games in particular must not be left outside exposed in rain or overnight in heavy dews.

e.    Wool Press Bar Leaners: Leaners must be lifted or a sack barrow used to move them, not dragged along the ground, to avoid damage to the bases. Tops must not be transported or stored on their sides but rather stacked with good sides facing up.

f.     Arches: Bracing arms must be in place when transporting the arches and when moving them on site.

g.    Blackboards/Mirrors: These must be returned wiped clean in the condition they were hired. A cleaning fee will be taken from the bond if GK is required to attend to these. GK will supply 1 ‘Magic White’ type sponge for cleaning, as this is in most cases, the only product that will remove blackboard pens.

h.    Seating and Tables: Care must be taken when stacking the seating and tables, including securing them for transportation. (No more than 8 chairs/benches per stack). Extra Large Rustic Trestle Tables must be placed down onto each other with tops together rather than sliding them. Large White and Plywood Trestle Table tops must be placed with good sides facing up. All chairs and benches have the GK stamp underneath. Piles must be arranged with only our chairs/benches for collection or drop off, clearly marked aside from similar chairs/benches that do not belong to GK. If we are required to sort items then additional labour will be charged (see rate outlined in point 10i below).

i.     Linen, Throws/Picnic Blankets and Cushions: These items must be returned free from hay/grass. A cleaning fee will be taken from the bond if GK is required to attend to this. If necessary items will be washed and stains attended by GK after an event, (The customer can only wash linen before returning if they are heavily marked, though it is at their own risk if further damage is caused). If new stains cannot be removed or suitably dulled after all reasonable avenues have been taken, then full replacement cost will be billed or taken from the bond. GK will determine the value using local experts if needed.

j.     Glassware: All glass items must be returned clean and dry in the same careful packaging they were received in.

k.    Market Umbrellas: Please refer people setting up or packing down umbrellas to the supplementary Market Umbrella Terms and Conditions supplied on the day attached to the umbrella covers. Umbrellas are not to be placed on the ground unless in their protective covers – they mark easily. Umbrellas must be erected away from trees that will damage them or have berries/fruit or sap that may stain. Umbrellas must be put down in strong winds and put down overnight with the covers on if possible. Covers must be zipped carefully to avoid catching the canopy in the zip. Umbrellas are 3m long. They must be transported with care, preferably in a large caged trailer or inside a vehicle, tied loosely to avoid damage to the aluminium arms. They must be tied down in a way to limit damage from ropes/tie downs. Any damage incurred from the transportation of the umbrellas if being picked up or dropped off by, including how the customer has tied them, will be considered normal damage from a hire, and repairs or replacement fees will be charged accordingly. Dirty marks over and above what is deemed to be reasonable (e.g. some bird poo) will incur a cleaning fee. (Please note that if umbrellas are left out overnight or are up in an area where more than the usual amount of bird poo is present this is not considered ‘reasonable’ and a cleaning fee will be charged.)

l.     Festoon Lights: Please refer people setting up or packing down festoon lights to the supplementary Festoon Light Terms and Conditions supplied on the day attached to the Festoon Light boxes. Festoon lights must have bulbs in each socket at all times. If a bulb blows the festoons must be turned off before the bulb is replaced. Each socket will be live if the bulb is removed while still turned on. Filament bulbs must be screwed into place AFTER festoons are hug and removed BEFORE festoons are taken down. DO NOT PLUG IN OR TURN ON FESTOONS UNTIL ALL BULBS ARE SCREWED IN. Festoon ends should be kept away from water and covered when needed. We advise the use of good condition extension cords. GK Events Hire takes no responsibility for the quality of extension cords and fittings that do not belong to us, and any injury resulting from their use. GK has extension cords of various lengths to hire that have been tested. If you are installing your own festoon lights we do not take responsibility for poor installation and any injury resulting from this. Festoons must be securely attached to any buildings, festoon stands or trees to ensure they do not fall. (Cable ties are advised for securing cords) Bulbs may be glass – care must be taken if broken. We take no responsibility for injury resulting from a broken glass bulb. Festoon stands hired from GK Events Hire must be installed correctly with pegs driven fully into the ground. We take no responsibility for stands falling due to incorrect installation or overly soft ground due to weather conditions making installation difficult. Festoons may be left outside in the rain but any damage resulting from wind and rain and where the terms and conditions for set up have not been followed, will be identified as normal damage from hire and changed accordingly.

10.    Safety:

a.    Some items are heavy and require special care when lifting and moving them. Injuries resulting from lifting any item is not the responsibility of GK Events Hire Ltd.

b.    GK Events Hire Ltd takes no responsibility for any injury to any party through breakage of items or other accidents during the hire periods. The customer is responsible for all items from the time it is collected until it is returned.

c.    GK Events Hire and Gelato Roma are not responsible for any allergic reactions occurring from eating the supplied items, (traces of nuts, dairy products and gluten can be found in all products due to factory conditions).

d.    Festoon Lights - Customer must follow the provided Festoon Safety Terms and Conditions.

11.    Delivery/Collection or Pick up/Drop off:

a.    Delivery, collection, set up or pack down are not included in hires unless requested and quoted for.

b.    Some items are delivery/collection only (see point 8c above).

c.    Items must be packed and ready for collection in one easily accessible area at a pre-arranged day and time or returned to arranged venue by pre-arranged day and time.

d.    It is the customer’s responsibility to check the items upon delivery/pick up and to notify GK Events Hire Ltd if there is anything damaged or not as ordered, before items are used. Complaints made after the items have been returned or collected will not be considered.

e.    Picked up and dropped off items must be wrapped and tied securely but with care to limit damage during transportation (including using the provided packaging/containers).

f.     We have the right to turn away anyone picking up with what we deem to be unsuitable tie down equipment and/or vehicles.

g.    Any damage incurred during pick ups and drop offs will be calculated as though it is normal damage from hire.

h.    Blankets, covers or tie downs provided by GK Events Hire, in the event of the customer not having sufficient equipment, will be added to the hire for free but will be charged at replacement value, as per our terms and conditions, if any damage or losses occurs.

i.     If additional labour is required to pack and move items more than deemed reasonable for basic delivery or collection then additional labour will be charged. ($50 +GST p/h, minimum .5 hours).

j.     The Icicle Tricycle is a delivery/collection only item. This is calculated into the hire rate separate from the delivery/collection fee for other hire items. Venues outside the ‘Icicle Tricycle Service Zone’ (outlined in the website map) will incur additional fees for delivery and collection.

12.    All items remain the property of GK Events Hire Ltd, except for gelatos/sorbets and custom made items for purchase once full payment has been received.

13.    The customer or representatives of the customer who have taken possession of hire items from GK Events Hire Ltd are deemed to have read and understood the terms and conditions of this agreement.