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We pride ourselves on offering unique, handcrafted, quality items and excellent service.

Our team tries to be flexible and understands that planning an event of any size can be challenging… we are here to help!

If you can’t find the answer to your question below please get in touch. 

About GK

  • Where are you located?

  • We are located at 14 Eban Road, RD 1, Richmond, 7081 (between Appleby and Mapua). If you put GK Events Hire into google maps this will find us as we have pinned our location.

  • What areas do you service?

  • We are based in the Nelson Tasman region and supply to the Top of the South with a combination of delivery and customer pick ups. Often event guests will pick up on behalf of hirers and transport to further locations.

  • How do I view your range?  

  • We highly recommend making a viewing appointment for our large warehouse. You are welcome to bring as many people as you like, ask questions, try out combinations and pick our brains for advice.

  • We are located 10 minutes out of Richmond towards Mapua (Google Map visible on our ‘Contact Page’).

  • If you are unable to come to do this we have designed our website and cataloge so that you can clearly view our whole range to assist with decision-making. Also feel free to ask questions via our ‘Contact Page’, email or by phone… we can even video call if this is helpful for out-of-town brides.

Bookings / Payments

  • Do you have hire packages?

  • Various packages can be collated by the GK team to assist you in making your decisions. If you provide us with a brief, we can create a package to meet your needs subject to availability. 

  • Games packages

  • - Adults/Corporate games 
    - Team-building games 
    - Fundraising games
    - Preschooler’s/Children’s games

  • Ceremony packages

  • Bar packages

  • Styled lounging areas

  • Lux picnics for adults

  • Children’s seating areas

  • Kids Zones - Festivals, corporate events and family occasions (Activity stations, seating areas and organised entertainment).

  • Do you have a minimum hire spend? 

  • No not at all. As we have such a diverse range of hire items and services, customer’s can hire one game through to a full events worth of furniture and styling items.

  • How long is a typical hire period?

  • Our pricing is based on a 3 day hire period. Transport/courier times are included in the 3 day period. If you require the items for longer we can be flexible, however this may be reflected in your quote. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

  • When booking via the website you will be required to enter dates for the hire period and the generated total will not take into account additional fees for hires longer than the normal 3 days. Please be aware that your final quote may increase to reflect your individual requirements.

  • How do I make a booking? 

  • Hire: Simply visit our website to browse our full catalogue, select the items and services you are interested in to create a list, and submit this to GK for a quote. We will be in touch via email if we need further information to complete your booking. 

  • Other Services: Complete a contact form on the relevant section of the website and we will be in touch if we need to discuss your requirements further. 

  • Email or call if you need additional help.

  • How far in advance should i book?

  • If your event is during our peak season (October - April) we suggest booking 12-18 months in advance if you do not want to miss out on particular pieces. We try to stock more than one of the popular games and items to meet demand.

  • We ask for your patience if you are booking well in advance and during our busy period, as priority is given to current events and therefore delays may occur in sending out booking invoices.

  • How do i pay?

  • Payment is by bank deposit. Our account details will be clearly stated on your booking invoice. Unfortunately we are currently unable to accept credit card payments.

  • Do you require a bond?

  • Yes, a minimum bond of $50 incl. GST is required for hires. The bond amount is based on each individual booking and will be clearly stated on your invoice. Items are assessed after they have been returned and bond payments will generally be paid within 7 days of return date. If damage has occurred during the hire this may take longer and will be discussed with the customer.

  • What happens if hire items are damaged or go missing?

  • Any damage, unreturned items or things not returned in the condition they were hired (requiring more than a gentle clean and general wear and tear) will be assessed by GK and the customer charged for replacement or repair value. Payment will be deducted from the bond and an additional invoice will be issued if required, due within 7 days of issue.

  • We suggest carefully reading our Terms and Conditions to ensure you have a clear understanding of the care requirements for the hire items in your booking. All items are to be protected from the weather, including rain and wind damage, (unless we have specifically discussed items with you), during transportation, storage and when in use. Instant fees are charged for water damage and soiled umbrella canopies. Professional cleaning fees will apply to soft furnishings unless very minor cleaning is required.

  • Can I put items on hold?

  • Once an invoice is sent these items are on hold for you for 7 days.  You have 7 days to pay your deposit to secure the items. After this date we reserve the right to release anything not held with a deposit back into hire circulation.

  • How long are quotes valid for?

  • Quotes are valid for 7 days. After this time GK reserves the right to make changes.

  • When are payments due?

  • Hire: To confirm your booking and secure your items a 50% deposit must be paid within 7 days of receiving your invoice. The remainder or full payment (for last minute bookings) is due no less than 14 days before your event. Full payment must be received before items are released for hire.

  • Custom Made: A 50% deposit is due within 7 days of receiving your final quote/invoice which is nonrefundable. Projects will not be started until the deposit is received and final payments are determined on an individual basis.

  • Do you have a cancellation fee?

  • Hire: Cancellations must be made in writing. Deposits are refunded at different rates depending on the amount of notice given, starting with a minimum 25% non refundable cancellation fee. Full and part cancellations made 14 days or less before an event must still be paid in full and are nonrefundable.

  • Custom Made: Custom made pieces are non-refundable after the 50% deposit has been received as the project will start at this time. Full payment must be received. 

  • Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details.

  • Can any changes be made to an order once an invoice is sent/deposit paid?

  • Yes you can make changes for your booking as often as required up to 14 days before your event and we will adjust your final payment accordingly. After this time only items can be added due to our cancellation policy. An additional deposit may be requested if you add a large amount to your original booking.  

  • Can I make a last minute booking?

  • Bookings can be made up to the day of an event, however this is subject to availability. Payment, including the bond must be made before items are released for hire by either a bank transfer or cash on pick up. Normal cancellation fees apply.

  • Is there a GK contract to sign?

  • All hires are subject to our Terms and Conditions which are sent along with your hire invoice and can viewed in this booklet and our website. Paying your hire invoice automatically agrees to the terms and conditions for GK Events Hire. Queries are welcome.

Delivery & Collection / Pickup & Drop off

  • Can GK deliver and collect?

  • We highly recommend having items delivered and collected by the GK team in our large van or furniture truck. 

  • Some items are delivery only so if you have these in your hire list then this service will be automatically quoted for. In general we recommend asking for a delivery and collection quote to ease stress, save time and avoid unnecessary damage to hire items that often occur when customers pick up or drop off themselves. 

  • Rates start at $50 incl. GST each way (exceptions are made for a reduced rate for in some circumstances) and increase depending on the amount of items being delivered, labour required on site, and distance to travel. We try to make this affordable.

  • We must have reasonable access for our vehicles. Items must be cleaned and stacked ready for collection in an agreed upon location. 

  • Can I pick up and drop off?

  • Yes, you are welcome to pick up and drop off if items in your booking are not delivery only. Please note we are based out of Richmond between Appleby and Mapua, and there are various terms to follow to ensure our items are safe and secure. Please ask for clarification on this. The customer or representative of the customer are responsible for items from the moment they are being loaded until they return.

  • You are responsible for having adequately sized vehicles/trailers, appropriate tie downs, rain covers and blankets, and the customer must ensure items are wrapped and tied with care to limit damage during transportation. We have the right to turn away anyone picking up with what we deem to be unsuitable equipment. Damage caused from pick ups and drop offs will be billed accordingly. 

  • We have firm time-frames for pick ups and drop offs. If you are late for the time you have booked please let us know so we can try to make alternative arrangements, however we take no responsibility for the premises being closed if you are more than half an hour late.  

  • Hire items cannot be dropped off if no one is present. If items are left unattended without permission from GK you are responsible for any damage or loss that may occur.

  • Please read our Terms and Conditions regarding this to ensure you have a full understanding of your responsibilities.

  • Does GK offer set up and pack down services?

  • Yes, we can quote for setting up and packing down as little or as much as you would like. This is not included in your hire unless a quote has been requested.

Icicle Tricycle

  • How long can I hire the bike for?

  • Each package has a slightly different service time but these can be altered to suit your event’s needs. Afternoon/Ceremony Package - 75mins, Evening/Reception Package - 90mins, Bike only Package - 60mins, Business Package - 90mins. We also take the bike to day events if it is being used to sell products.

  • Can I ride the tricycle?

  • Although it can be ridden, the tricycle is essentially for display purposes only. The freezer is very heavy and it can be tricky on uneven surfaces, so for safety reasons only GK staff members can ride around on the tricycle. 

  • We do encourage you to sit on it for photos - it makes a great prop!

  • How do I pay for the product and tricycle?

  • The tricycle is essentially a hire item so at events like a wedding or corporate occasion we do not take payments while we serve. Everything is arranged beforehand, including calculating how much gelato/sorbet and cups/cones is required. Payment must be made in full 14 days before the event. This ensures the products are made and collected in time. We do not confirm your order with Gelato Roma to start productions, organise any customisation on the tricycle/cups/napkins, or order Juicies/Moosies until payment has been received. 

  • The exception is if the bike is operating as a food truck at a community event.

  • Do you sell products from the tricycle at events rather than it being hired?

  • Yes we can operate as a food truck to sell Juicies/Moosies and Proper Crisps at community events. This is subject to availability during the busy summer season.

  • Companies can discus hiring the bike and using it to sell their own products at events. The bike will still be delivered and collected by GK and considered on a case by case basis. Get in touch to see if this option might work for your company.

  • What are the kind of things can be served from the bike?

  • Our bike has been designed to hold specific products. We have established relationships with quality local suppliers.

  • Gelato or sorbet from Gelato Roma served in cups or waffle cones.

  • Juicies or Moosies from Tasman Bays Food Group.

  • Proper Crisps sold from the back carrier.

  • Any other pre-packaged frozen product you supply.

  • Other options may be considered, get in touch to discuss this further.

  • Can I just hire the tricycle without a service person to save on the cost? And can I fill it with something I source?

  • A GK staff member always accompanies the tricycle but there is flexibility to suit your tastes.

  • You are welcome to supply your own pre-packaged products for us to serve. Our bike is made to hold gelato tubs as well as having baskets to hold individual items. If you are supplying the frozen product it must be dropped off at our premises the week before the event. We will store this and load the bike to prepare for service.

  • Does the hire price include delivery and collection? Can I Pick up the tricycle?

  • All packages include delivery and collection within our ‘Delivery Zone’. Venues outside of this area will incur additional delivery/collection costs. The bike is large, heavy and expensive so can not be picked up by customers. For these reasons tricycle hire also includes a GK staff member.

  • Do you make the gelato yourselves?

  • Unfortunately no, but we have partnered with a local company that we truly believe make the best! The team at Gelato Roma use creamy whole milk from A2 cows in Nelson, and fresh, local produce from across the South Island. Their handcrafted artisan Italian gelato and sorbet are totally amazing and you will not regret having this served at your event.  https://www.gelatoroma.co.nz/

  • Can I taste the gelato? Are all flavours available to taste test so I can decide on our order?

  • Yes you can visit Flock https://www.flock.kiwi/ to taste the gelato they have in stock. As Gelato Roma offers such a huge variety of flavours not all can be available, many are seasonal, and some are made to order so it can be luck of the draw. 

  • We can discuss the popular options and award winning flavours and recommend based on our experience so please ask if you need help deciding.

  • How many gelato/sorbet flavours can I have/how much can the Tricycle hold?

  • Two flavours can be displayed and served at one time. We can store a maximum of 10 more tubs inside the freezer to replace stock. We will work with you to calculate how many tubs are required for your event.

  • Are the flavours the same all year round and if the flavour I want is not in season can I still get it?

  • There are 3 types of flavour categories at Gelato Roma (Classic, Special and Signature) and these are different price brackets. Some are available all year but many are seasonal. We receive a flavour list each month which we will pass to you the month before your event to help make final flavour decisions. 

  • Gelato Roma may be able to make ‘Special’ flavours to order if the one you really want is not currently in stock but there will be a minimum purchase amount (normally 3 tubs of each flavour) and additional charges may apply.

  • ‘Signature Flavours’ are extra special and can include working with Gelato Roma to make a brand new flavour. If you are wanting to create something bespoke, including using your own special ingredients, get in touch to find out more.


  • How do we play the games?

  • Games come with an instruction card unless they are not relevant (e.g preschoolers games and noughts and crosses). Written and instructional videos can be viewed on our website. 

  • Can you recommend some games for our event?

  • We have games to suit all ages and energy levels. Our team are happy to suggest games for your event based on our experience and knowledge. Some games are better suited for indoors/outdoors, particular venues, competitive crowds, team building or young children. A package can be put together to suit your event.

  • Do you have games for team-building?

  • Many of our games are collaborative and have been designed with team-building in mind. We can put together packages with just a few suitable games or offer full events, providing a structure to follow using score cards that will get large groups involved. Get in touch to discuss your individual needs.

  • Would your games be suitable for fundraising or promotional purposes?

  • Yes we have a number of games that allow players to compete for points or prizes. These are often used at fairs, fundraisers or promotional events. We can even personalise some games to suit a theme or brand.


  • Can you courier items?

  • We offer delivery services to the top of the south. Courier options may be available for certain hires and locations so please enquire.

  • Do you offer styling or on the day coordination?

  • We are pimarly a hire company and although we offer some styling and event advice freely we do not yet offer specific packages for these services. We do however work with the best in the business at events across the Nelson Tasman region so can suggest awesome companies to meet your needs.  Click the “Recommended Vendors Link” below.

  • What can I use to write on/clean the blackboards?

  • We have the liquid chalk pens and magic white remover that we use available to purchase from our shop on our website.  You can also find these at your local stationary and hardware stores. Please make sure when buying the liquid chalk pens that they are suitable for chalkboards not windows. 

  • Can you write on our chalkboards for us?

  • Yes, that’s one of our favourite things to do.  We are happy to discuss your signage needs and provide a personalised quote. 

  • Can you custom make or find items that I am unable to get elsewhere?

  • Yes, that is one of GKs specialty areas.  We would love to hear about your ideas and see if we can make something to meet your needs or source this for you.

  • I can’t find what I’m looking for/I need more of an item, can you help?

  • Our hire range is forever growing and we are always looking for new ideas that meet the needs of our customers.  It could be in our workshop or something that we may consider adding so please get in touch.  


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